Life Insurance

How much money will your family need to maintain their standard of living over the long run? Most business owners are too busy to do research on life insurance in order to make an informed decision. Because this is our specialty, and we broker with 20 different insurance companies, we can help you find the most suitable insurance solution.

We can show business owners with cash-value insurance policies how to get up-to-date and accurate in force policy projections. This will help you determine whether your policies have met their projections or not. We rarely find a situation where we are unable to deliver substantial value though our restructuring services. Over the years, we have been able to help many business owners restructure their corporation and life policy to their benefit as well as give advice as to tax-effective options that many are not aware of.

Do you already have life insurance? Rates have improved much over the years and in most cases we have been able to help our clients improve their premium costs, guarantees and structure.